BSF Schools Kent

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Infrastructure Design Studio’s role on this project was in support of structural engineer Thornton Tomasetti and comprised the development of an infrastructure strategy for six separate schools in the east Kent area nominated for redevelopment under the Government’s Better Schools for the Future initiative.

Our brief was to:

  • investigate existing drainage systems,
  • look at required changes to parking facilities and vehicular access
  • consider impact of phasing the development on buried drainage & services
  • advise on the most practical and economic methods of transferring between new and existing site configurations in terms of drainage, earthworks, sports and hard play area construction etc.
  • consider how sustainability issues including SUDS based drainage systems etc. could be integrated into the design proposals

The majority of the school redevelopment proposals involved constructing new or partial extensions on land already owned by the schools, with the pupils gradually decanting into the new facilities allowing demolition and redevelopment of the old. The designs were taken to RIBA Stage D in order that the projects could be budgeted and taken forward to the next stage of funding application.

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