Social Housing Projects

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Our portfolio includes numerous social housing projects in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Herefordshire. Many of these are aimed at replacing ailing former council properties whilst at the same time introducing an increased number of homes within a defined development plot.

In most cases this provides a considerable challenge for us in terms of providing adoptable drainage and highways facilities for the developments as the local systems are often substandard. The application of Code for Sustainable Homes also imposes design constraints that frequently requires innovative methods of SUDS drainage and roofwater recycling to achieve the target code credits.

Most of the projects involve us carrying out a site specific PPS25 compliant flood risk assessment in order to achieve Code and as well as establishing the risk of flooding to the site itself. This also enables us to ‘’flush out’ the drainage issues that need to be addressed in each case to mitigate any affect on downstream flood risk and preserve suitable overland flow routes.

Many developments have required a thorough appraisal of all civil works options and negotiations with the various authorities to establish discharge restrictions, potential for off site drainage upgrades that may be needed and requirements for highway adoptions.

Moving into detailed design stage we develop the packages of design information; layouts, construction details, sections and legal plans, for Section 38/278 and Section 104/06 works , which can be as onerous for a few properties inserted into an existing estate as they are for a large ‘greenfield’ scheme.

A recent additional design challenge for these projects has been the introduction in October 2011 of new adoption procedures, which has greatly increased the amount of drainage that needs to be suitable for adoption.

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